Tell Me About The One Who Created Procrastination..

There aren’t that many things to know about me. But then again maybe there is. I find that not telling too much makes me appear more enigmatic. I guess like the strange and unusual. Well first of all, I’m a writer. I like telling stories and the stories like telling me. I’ve been writing seriously since I was fourteen and that’s when my passion for cinema started. Most of the time I write screenplays. And no, none of them have been made into a feature film because that takes time, luck, and skill. Some days I’m not even sure if I have what it takes to break into showbiz. And the other days I’m left contemplating if it’s all worth it in the end. I’ll get back to you once I find the answer.

Anyway, I also like writing short stories, poems, and music. So basically that’s what you will be reading the most on here. I’m also a guitarist and I’ve been playing guitar since I was fifteen. It centers me so I can’t complain if I don’t crank out a song by the end of the week. I also play bass and the keyboard, but I’m not that good with them. I love listening to music. I listen to a lot of indie, alternative, and blues. The best music is the kind that gets you thinking. But I’m a sucker for an acoustic or an awesome guitar riff. So look out for some of my lyrics because I will definitely be posting them. Well, I think that’s on my interests. So moving on.

My location is in New Jersey, but I won’t go into detail about my mundane life in the suburbs. Being a twenty-something  really sucks in this life. As for my personality, I’m an open minded person with a bleeding heart, lol. And I’m also kind of quiet and mysterious. So if you’re looking for an ignorant idiot, this may not be the blog for you. Because I actually care about things and people. And I love my family. And animals. And peace. And beauty. This list could really go on, lol.

Peace be with you,



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