Songs stuck in my head lately..

June 24, 2008

This past year has been really stressful for me. I’ve been getting tons and tons of migraines, but that a whole different chapter. Music heals the soul. At least I’d like to think that it does. Lately I have been listening to all sorts of crazy tunes during my time spent awake. Which is all the time because of this stupid writer’s block. So I can’t sleep, tragic migraines, but I’ve been eating more, and false hope of anything improving. So anyway, I turn to music to find inspiration that I’m looking for. Here are some songs that have helped me out.

‘Move Along’ by All American Rejects. I’ve heard tons of comments about this band being ‘lame’ or ‘posers’. Who cares. I know they don’t with their big bucks in the bank. I just like this song because it doesn’t try too hard to be something.

‘A Day Late’ by Anberlin. I never knew who they were until about six or seven months ago. I’ve checked out most of their stuff, but this one stays with me the most. The chorus is pretty awesome.

‘It Hurts’ by Angels & Airwaves. There’s something about this song that I can relate to on a weird level. I can’t explain it. Maybe I don’t have to. It has a nice intro and the song starts off really strong.

‘Come Together’ by The Beatles. This song is awesome. Well, so are The Beatles. Although recently this song has been played the most on my Ipod. I’ve tried looking for other songs that are similar in mood and I’ve failed. There simply isn’t anything else out there like ‘Come Together’.

‘I Would Hurt A Fly’ by Built To Spill. This band is completely unique. An indie group with a clear sense of direction is like a writer’s fantasy. Well, this writer. I get a lot of inspiration from songs like this.

‘Transatlanticism’ by Death Cab For Cutie. Okay this band is being so overexposed at the moment. That’s great for them, but I just hope that they don’t change their sound. That would ruin my day if they became more ‘commercial’. You know that usually happens when bands gain more attention. It’s really only a matter of time.

‘Naked As We Came’ by Iron & Wine. This is one of my favorite songs of all time. This song really does speak for itself. I often use this when I’m typing. Although, I’m not listening to it now..”starts Itunes*.

‘Big Casino’ by Jimmy Eat World. Another great album from the awesome band from Arizona. This song is classic Jimmy Eat World. And when I say that I mean the reason why they’re so popular.

‘Say’ by John Mayer. Slow Dancing In A Burnign Room was my favorite until I heard this song. Okay I wasn’t a Mayer fan until two years ago when he put out his cd Continuum. And then I was hooked. Is this the same dude that was playing songs for twelve year old girls? Thankfully he branched out a bit and now I see him as a talented guitar player.

‘Shake It’ by Metro Station. I like when songs cross genre lines and come up with something different. Because frankly, I’m tired of listening to a lot of the newer rock bands because they all sound the same. It’s very techno-ish. I’m not even a techno fan, but I like this mixture.

‘That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)’ by Panic! At The Disco. I just got into this group a few months ago. I feel like I had missed out on so much. They really are unique. And I would classify the singer’s voice with the singer from Fall Out Boy. They both can reach near falsetto and bring it home in a clever rendition.

‘Ready’ by The Starting Line. When i first heard there song ‘Best of Me’ back in 2003, I wanted to strangle someone, mainly the singer. Now five years later, my mind has changed and I’ve grown attached to the song. Weird, I know. But the song ‘Ready’ surprised me because it doesn’t sound like any of their other songs, luckily.


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