‘Pushing Danger’

June 20, 2008
Ever wondered how a story you’ve written would end if it were in the hands of other people? I often do.
And StoryMash.com is the perfect website for this little experiment. It’s a pretty neat site that allows you to create a starter chapter and let others add to it.
‘Pushing Danger’ Chapter One
Max sat in discomfort at a booth furthest from the front door of the diner. Beads of sweat pour from his forehead, slightly stinging his eyes. And his pulse quickens with every second. The fluorescent lights flicker over him and only him, as if they are trying to send him a message in code. He often chose this seating arrangement because he preferred to stay away from the nightly crowd.

The location of the diner itself was perfect. All of his past business meetings took place here, at this very booth. This diner is all that he knows. Now if he could only control this sickening sensation in his stomach. He had already done this many times before. Why is he so nervous now? He stares down at his plate. “Damnit,” he mutters to himself. He can’t even remember when he finished eating. He pushes his cup of coffee to the edge of the table, signaling the waitress for a refill. She comes over a few minutes later and gives him a fresh cup and an orange juice. She said the juice was on her, as she grinned flirtatiously. All he can conjure up is a smile, mostly for him because of the unfortunate timing.

He wipes his forehead and glances at the clock; it reads 10 pm.

This isn’t the full effect, people. You can find the link to the StoryMash website on this page to continue reading. If you like this, at all, please let me know. And please give me a rating. And to all of you writers out there, don’t be afraid to sign up. I’m currently working on adding another chapter to it, but I’m kind of stuck right now. Writer’s block..

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